Sunday, September 12, 2010

...and a Rite Aid trip!

My money-making Johnson&Johnson trip!
With baby #3 on the way any day now, I had every intention of making my short Albies run this morning the very last of my couponing trips for a while. Then, I got wind of a great moneymaking deal on Johnson and Johnson products at Rite Aid. This was the only thing I had wanted to stock up on and had not seen an awesome deal it was at a store near my house?! It was just too much for me to resist. Here's how I did it:
  • I purchased 8 Johnson and Johnson products (they must be 15oz- other than that all "flavors" of bubble bath, wash, shampoo, and lotion are reportedly working) at $3.99 each
  • used a $5 off a $25 purchase RA coupon
  • used a $1 Johnson&Johnson Video Values coupon
  • used a variety of printable Johnson&Johnson coupons (each equal to $1 off per product, so these took off a total of $8 for me)
  • This brought my total down to $19.81 after taxes (I had $3 in +Up rewards at home, but I forgot them)
  • I got back one $10 +Up reward for buying over $30 worth of J&J products and eight $2 +Up rewards for a grand total of $26 +Up rewards!

That's more than $6 in profit after taxes on something we use daily, talk about a hard to resist deal! There are a couple of things you'll want to keep in mind if this deal interests you:

  • You can only get one $10 +Up reward for buying $30 worth of J&J products so you won't be able to do this more than once per Wellness card.
  • If you've been a super awesome RA shopper and already have the 20% discount, your J&J items will ring up slightly less. You can buy a ninth product to get you up over the $30 point or chose another participating item.
  • The limit on J&J $2 +Up rewards appears to be 8, so buying 9 will not net you another $2
  • Hurry! The word on this deal is getting out now- plus, it's a popular product and easily done with printable coupons. If you have specific items in mind, you probably won't want to wait as the store could run out. My store was well stocked this morning but it only takes a few couponers to put a dent in the store's stock when we're each buying 8 products.

Hope this helps someone out there! For more hot RA deals you'll want to check out For The Mommas (my favorite RA deal blogger).


  1. Wow - thanks for the post! I'm going back to Rite Aid tomorrow to try to score this deal!
    I bought 1 of the J&J soaps today. Do you know if it is 8 per transaction on the UP rewards? Or is it 8 per card? Am wondering if I should try to buy 7 tomorrow or 8?

  2. Sarah- it appears as though the limit of 8 may be limited to some areas only. I know someone in WA who was able to buy 21 (in seperate transactions on the same card) and got all of the $2 +up rewards. If I were you, I'd go ahead and try for the 8. (They also got multiple $10 +up rewards, so maybe I was wrong about the limit being one??)

    Jill, you'll need to get a wellness card in order to do these deals (it's like any other stores shopper card). The +up rewards print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used like cash on your next transaction (they have restrictions like RR- no perscriptions, alcohol, etc). They do expire, but mine are good through 10/2 so you'll have some time to find something to spend them on.

  3. So if I bought the diapers I couldn't do this one?

  4. Amber, the pampers and the J&J are both different buy $30 worth of product get $10 up rewards offers. Even so, the limits in WA seem to be higher than the ones in OR, so you should be able to do the deal just fine.

  5. Maygan!
    Thanks so much for making us aware of this deal. I just got home from the Bremerton Rite Aid w/my 8 bottles of J&J products...worked perfectly with all of my coupons! Thanks for all of your hard work!

  6. I have to admit, I was hoping to see a new pic. of the baby!

    Hope you're All doing well

    The "other," Maegen