Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walgreens Deals 5/3-5/9

I spent about $7 in 4 transactions for all of the above items- not included is a reese's candy I grabbed for dh and the $9.99 Aveeno Travel Kit I got for free after purchasing 3 Aveeno items. They didn't have any in stock at the time but wrote a raincheck and then called me a few hours later to let me know they'd come in. When I went back in, I grabbed another 10 cans of Pork and Beans and 4 more pudding packs for $4something. Here's some info, so you can pick up some of the same items!

Pert Plus for Men
*on sale 2/$5 with $2RR, plus there were $1.50 off coupons in last weeks paper (FREE)

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste, 4.6 or 6 oz- $4.49, with $4.50RR (FREE or better!)
*there is a $1 off coupon here (print 2)
*there was also a $0.75 off any Colgate toothpaste a few weeks ago (?)

Right Guard Deodorant $2.99 with $2RR(Free after RR)
*use a $1 coupon from a couple of weeks ago

Dawn 10.3 oz, $0.99 with in-ad coupon
*there are $0.50 off coupons, makes it $0.49

$3RR when you buy 2 Nabisco and 1 gallon of milk (Oreos on sale 2/$6)
*I found $1.50 off Oreos coupons on a tearpad at Safeway a week ago. If milk is on sale for 1.99 each, I'll buy two gallons and two packages of oreos using two of these coupons. I'll pay 6.98 but get back the $3, making the oreos free!

Buy $10 in ConAgra products, get $3RR
*Healthy Choice 2/$5 (use those printables I told you about before)
*Hunts Sanck Packs (4 pack) 4/$5
*VanCamps Pork 'n' Beans, Butterball Chicken Broth 2/$1
*and others, check your ad!
**The Pork and Beans and Snack Packs print out coupons for more of the same item, you'll save more money by doing this deal a few times!**

Aveeno Products, buy 3 get a free Aveeno Travel Kit
*These small lotions were on sale for $2.39 and there are $2 printable coupons HERE. If you can print 3 (you'll need to use 2 computers) you'll pay 1.18 for 3 lotions and the travel kit!

Free 8x10 photo enlargement on Wednesday May 6th

Remember, you don't want to use those Register Rewards on the same product you got them from because you won't get more. Also, buying more than one of the same item in one transaction will give you the same amount of RR as if you had bought only one. Visit Walgreens 101 by MoneySavingMom for more information on how it all works.

A quick update

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, we've been having a busy week around here! I did a few more Safeway runs, one for Crystal Light drink mix and more of that cheap water (for the Live Well promo) and a few for free cinnamon rolls (sorry! that one's over!). The Live Well Promo is going on through the 5th so make sure you check it out if you've got a Safeway handy. The Healthy Choice deal is over, but there are plenty of other bargains!

Trent's been quite the handful lately, but bumping his nap back to later in the afternoon has worked wonders! Much less nap resistance and almost no protest at bedtime. He's also a lot more agreeable, as long as we do things his way. :) Now we just have to crack down on pacifier use, wish me luck!

Ryan's been doing an awesome job with head control and is full of smiles. I forgot just how much I love this stage...all smiles and coos. He's a wonderful little guy. He really seems to love the bouncy seat, we're very glad we held on to it even though Trent hated the thing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WAGS- 15% off for Earth Day

Spent 9.02, saved a ton!

I just had to make a Walgreens trip (or two) today. Who can resist 15% off on top of the deals we already get and a free tote bag? Now I'll be all set for future Wags trips! The Earth Day Coupon requires you to check out at the photo or beauty counters (never done that before!) and it turns out my cashier this time around was the guy who was super impressed with my RR rolling last week. He remembered me and asked what I thought my total would be today, he was thrilled with my savings and surprised I didn't have any RR's coming at the end of the transaction. hehe, I'll have to look for him next time, it's nice to have someone cheering you on.

The transaction is kind of confusing to write out...
Free re-usable bag
Coke 1.27
Hersheys bar free when you buy 20oz coke
2 Reese's cups
2 Glade Soy candles 10.18 (-12.00, $4 from the EasySaver and 2 printable $4 coupons from here )
4 can Pringles 2.55 (-2 in coupons)
Vitamin E 4.75

total spent $9.02 and my savings showed up as $32.13 but that doesn't count the $15 markdown on the vitamins and I'm unsure if it counts the $4.62 discount (15% off).

Spent 4.89, got back a $3 RR

A great day for Walgreens shopping!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My mom's Safeway brag

$13.22 spent, $12 earned!

My mom was over tonight to help with the kiddos (isn't she wonderful?) and I'd been working on a scenario to get her started at Safeway on the awesome promo they're running for as little as possible. Of course, I've used a lot of my coupons already and I didn't want her to buy things she'd never use...but all in all I think we did pretty good. Thank goodness she had held on to her Free Kashi coupon!

She bought:
Bright Green Bleach 1.49
2 packs Arrowhead water 3.98
5 Healthy Choice meals 14.95 (-$5 instantly when you buy 5)
Kashi Frozen Dinner 4.49
3 Sobe Lifewaters 3.00
Oreo Fudgees 3.50

and we used:
$1 off Bright Green Product (you can print these from
FREE Kashi Frozen dinner - it took off $5.49
$1 off when you buy 3 Sobe Lifewaters catalina
2- $1 off 2 Healthy Choice meal printables (sign up here and print 2)
$4 in catalinas from Bertolli

The totals? 13.22 spent and she got her $10LW catalina plus $2 from buying 2 packs of Arrowhead (and a $1off 2 coupon to use next time! works through May 17th). She saved a total of 70% or $30.75 after club card and coupons! Way to go Gamma!! The Kashi coupon really only should have taken off $4.09, but the manager was checking us out and rang it up that way even though we were trying to explain that the coupon had a max price. It worked out in her favor though, so I guess that's okay...

My turn, more Bertolli!!

The Bertolli catalina deal ($2 for every 2 pouches you buy) ends tomorrow but they had plenty in stock today! I really should have been paying closer attention to my math, because I really didn't need both the cleaner and the cranergy to get to $30 but shopping for 2 deals at the same time is tricky! Either way, I do really like this cleaner and I'm loving cranberry juice so I'm happy.

10 Bertolli Pouches 20.00
Cranergy 3.49
2 All laundry detergent 8.98
Bright Green All-Purpose 3.00

and I used:
4- $0.75 off Bertolli
6- %1 off Bertolli
$1 off Cranergy
2- $2 off ALL Small&Mighty printable (only $1 off now, get it here)
$1 off any Bright Green
and a $10LW catalina

for a total of $11.11 spent and $20 in catalinas ($10 from Bertolli and another $10LW). Plus, now that I've purchased over $40 in Bertolli, I can submit for a rebate that will cover the cost of a turkey (up to $20). I don't know that this deal could get any sweeter, I was payed to buy the stuff and I get a free turkey? AWESOME!

I saved 82% or $47.89 this time around...and I'm not done with the safeway deals yet!

Free Tote bags for Earth Day!

Walgreens is giving out free bags tomorrow. Check out this post over at MoneySavingMom for the scoop. The coupon is printable and good for 15% off eligible merchandise and a free tote bag with any purchase...all in honor of Earth Day. We've got a movie to return anyways and more pringles coupons to be used. I was also hoping to buy some vitamin e for the csection scar, I've heard it'll work wonders and for 15% off I can't not try it. I wonder if the coupon's only good for the plain green bags or if the cute tree ones work too?

QFC also had a coupon in their flyer this week that you can bring in (along with 10 plastic or paper bags) to exchange for a tote bag anytime from tomorrow until the 18th. If you want one and didn't get an ad, don't worry. They always have extra flyers just inside the door. It doesn't say if a purchase is required, but if I make it there this week I'll ask.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Safeway again

Spent $3.34, got back another $10 Live Well Catalina!!

I'm really having fun with this one. When we went this morning there was still no Bertolli out, so I thought I'd look around and see what else there was. Thanks to this post by MoneywiseMoms, I had heard about an overlap on a frozen food deal. We don't usually eat a ton of frozen meals but at these kinds of prices, why not buy a few? They'll be great for those nights when I'm just too tired to cook a real meal for everyone.

Here's what I bought:
Cranergy 3.49
3 Lemonade Vitamin Waters 3.00
2 Electrasol Gel Pacs (20 ct) 7.98
Bright Green Bleach 1.49
5 Healthy Choice dinners 14.95

the coupons:
$5 off instantly for the Healthy Choice (Stay In promo)
$1 off Cranergy
$1 off any Bright Green Product
2- $2.50 off Electrasol (from yesterday's paper)
$10 LW catalina
3- $2 catalinas from Bertolli

For a grand total of $3.34 after coupons and another $10 LW catalina- hooray! My receipt shows a savings of $35.47 or 92%. The cashier didn't look too happy when he handed over the catalina at the end, but he's always kind of grumpy with us (even before I started using coupons). He's also easily confused and will hold up the line chatting away with people he does like, but sometimes he's the only one checking people out...

Monday Walgreens Trip(s)

WAGS Store #1 ($12.73, with $11 in rebates)
I bought:
mentos 0.69
6 Pringles 12.00
PAAS Easter egg dye kit (clearanced, for next year) 0.49
Physicians Formula Organic tinted moisturizer with bonus mascara (40% off) 7.19
Physicians Formula Organiz Eyeshadow kit (clearance) 4.79

and used:
Wags flyer coupon- Pringles 2/$3- it took off $3.00
3- $1off 2 Pringles
2- $1 off any Physicians Formula product (yesterdays paper)
$2RR from last week
and a $3.50 RR from last week

My total after coupons was $12.73, but I'll get back $11 in rebates on my giftcard. It's like getting everything pictured above for $1.73! Total Savings listed on my receipt are $23.20. The rebate is $10 and you qualify when you purchase at least $10 in Physicians Formula Organic makeup, plus you get that extra 10% when you put your rebate on a card. My favorite cashier was working and was really surprised I only did one transaction, we were both laughing about it so much I forgot to tell her I'd be getting the rebate!

WAGS Store #2 ($2.66 spent, $2RR earned)
I wanted more Pringles, the husband eats these things sooo fast and I still have more coupons, but the Sour Cream and Onion are our favorite flavor and the first store only had 4 cans. So, another 4 cans (this lady was strict on the limit, but nice about it) for $6 after the in-ad coupon and Chapstick on sale for $1.99 brought my total to 7.99. I used 2 of the $1/2 Pringles coupons and a $3.50 RR from last week to bring my total down to $2.66 after tax, and I earned another $2 RR from the chapstick. Total savings on this receipt are listed at $8.50.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't forget to pick up a paper today!

There are quite a few coupons out today that matchup with the current Safeway promo, so make sure you pick up a copy (or two or three) and then check back to see how I use them. I like to buy the Seattle paper instead of the local paper, it seems to get the really great high-value coupons that not all the papers come with. There were a few Target Store coupons that look promising as well.

Safeway- $14.74 spent, $91.35 saved!!!

I got my Bertolli Coupons yesterday, so of course another run to Safeway was needed. The first Safeway was nearly out of Bertolli so I bought 4 of the last 5 packs. They said they should be getting in more today or tomorrow (guess where I'll be headed?)

Store #1- $11.41

Here's a breakdown (Spent $11.41, saved $40.89 or 79%)
2 Cranergy 6.98 (forgot coupons!)
4 Bertolli Sauce Packs 8.00
Lemonade Vitamin Water 1.00
Facial Tissue 1.49
2 Trop50 Orange Juice 5.00
2 Yo-Plus Blueberry Acai 5.00
2 Yo-Plus Vanilla 5.00
Reusable Bag 1.49

$1off Bright Green (available in store)
4- $1 off Bertolli
2- $1 off Trop50 printable
3- $1.50 off Yo-Plus printable
and yogurt was marked down $1.50
$10 LWFG catalina

It would have been cheaper, but I decided to grab a lemonade and a reusable bag last minute, plus I had completely forgotten my cranergy coupons. I did walk out with $4 in catalinas from Bertolli and the $10LWFG catalina

Store #2- $3.33

Here's the breakdown (Spent $3.33, saved $50.46 or 94%)
10 Bertolli Sauce Packs 20.00
2 Trop50 Orange Juice 5.00
Yo-Plus Vanilla 2.50
Bright Green All-Purpose Cleaner 3.00
Chocolate chip cookies 1.29 (treat for a well behaved toddler)

10- $1off Bertolli
2- $1off Trop50 printable
$1.50 off Yo-Plus
$1.00 of any Bright Green product
2- $2 catalinas from Bertolli (from the last transaction)
$10LWFG catalina

And this time I left with $10 in catalinas from Bertolli and my $10 LWFG catalina. The cashier was impressed, and I was thrilled.

Here are the coupon links for you (using Internet Explorer):
$1.50/1 Yo-Plus
$1/1 Trop50

Thank you to MoneySavingMom for the coupon links!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Walgreens 4/12-4/18

The photo above is not a great representation of what I've bought this last week at Walgreens, but it is a smidgen of the items I've purchased for my stockpile and my donation box. Walgreens has been one of my favorite places to coupon so far, but it can be confusing. I'm going to post a small amount of info here tonight, feel free to comment with any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer or point you in the direction of someone who knows.

Register Rewards (RR) are a catalina that prints when your receipt prints, for you to use on your next purchase at Walgreens. They are triggered by what you purchase. The items pictured above are all free after RR until the 25th of this month. The chapstick is on sale for 1.99 and will produce a $2RR, both the Edge Shave Gel (just this one variety) and Skintimate Cream Shave (the two kinds shown above) are on sale for $2.99 and produce a $3RR.

Here's where it can get a bit confusing. You can purchase the Chapstick for $1.99+tax and get your $2RR. Then you can use that RR to buy some Edge, you'll pay $0.99+tax and get a $3RR for your next purchase. Because the Skintimate and Edge are made by the same company, you cannot use that $3RR and get another one. However, you could turn around and buy another chapstick (at $1.99) and a filler item (that costs at least $1.01- you'll need your total to be $3 or more before tax) and use you $3RR from the Edge. You'd pay whatever the difference was between the cost of your filler plus tax and get back that $2RR. The catalina machines will only print out one RR for each item so you can't buy two edge at a time and get two $3RR, you'll only receive one. It's best (and cheaper!) to split up the items you want into separate transactions.

Other items free after RR this week (til the 18th) include:
  • Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics 18ct- on sale for $2.00 with $2RR
  • Fiber Choice Tablets, 10ct- $2.49 with $2.50RR
  • Colgate MaxWhite or MaxFresh Toothbrush- $3.49 with $3.50RR
Colgate has printable coupons for $1 off these toothbrushes available on their website. You need to sign up to print them and can find them by clicking the special offer/promotions link.

Please note: RR count as manufacturer coupons, and Walgreens will only accept as many manu. coupons per transaction as you have items. So, if you print those Colgate coupons and try to use one of them with a RR to buy your toothbrush, you'll need a cheap "filler" item for it to work.

Here's a simple sample written out for you:

Transaction #1
Chapstick $1.99+tax
get back a $2RR

Transaction #2
Colgate MaxWhite Toothbrush 3.49
Filler (any value)
Pay with $1 Colgate Coupon and $2RR= $0.49+filler+tax
Get back $3.50RR

Transaction #3
Skintimate Cream Shave 2.99
Filler (0.51+)
Pay with $3.50RR= Difference between $0.51 and the cost of your filler plus tax
Get back $3RR


Skintimate Cream Shave 2.99
Chapstick 1.99
Pay with $3.50RR= 1.48+tax
Get back a $3RR and a $2RR

QFC 4/16

After doing all my shopping yesterday, I realized today that I was missing an ingredient for dinner tonight. We decided to make a quick run to QFC for some fried chicken and to pick up a can of beans. They had quite a bit of frozen food items marked down, so when my mom came by to help out tonight we decided to make another quick run to QFC.
2 bags of steak fries $1.49 each
1 Marie Calender's Country Fried Steak (for dh) $1.89
2 Gillete Shave Gels clearanced for 1.09 minus $1 coupons= $0.09 each
2 Bil Soleil Razor Refills clearanced for 2.59 minus $2 coupons= $0.59each
6 Marie Calender's Chicken PotPies $0.99 each
1 Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken Meal $0.99
1 Stouffer's Stromboli $1.29
1 12.07oz Torani Carmel Syrup (not pictured) $2.49
for a total of $16.08. How'd I do?

Safeway 4/15

Safeway is currently running a promo called "Living Well Feeling Great". For every $30 you spend on participating products, you'll receive a $10 catalina (printed coupon that comes with your receipt) for your next order. Your total must be $30 after the club card discount, so you can use coupons to knock down the amount you spend. You can find a list of items on their website, but just the brand names are listed- not the exact products that qualify. I printed up a copy of the list and went down to the nearest store looking for items I usually buy to get the initial $30 total. Then I went home and worked on a plan...
14 Quaker Quakes on sale @ 2.29 for a total of 32.06
Used 14 $1off any Quaker Rice Snacks coupons, $10 catalina from earlier, and $6 in catalinas from Bertolli (I'll explain this one later)
So, 32.06-14.00= 18.06-10.00= 8.06-6.00= A grand total of $2.06, with another $10cat

Woohoo! 14 quakes for less than I'd pay for one...I'm happy!

The Bertolli Deal: The new microwavable sauce packs are on sale 2/$4. There are a variety of coupons out there (some for $1, some for $0.75, and some for $0.60 off any one). Using the $1 off coupons you can buy 2 for $2. When you check out, a catalina for $2 off your next order prints for every 2 packs of sauce you they work out to be free.

My First Post!

Hi, my name is Maygan and I'm new around here! Well... I'm not exactly new to blogging... but this is my first blog post here and I hope to keep this one more up-to-date. I've recently been learning how to coupon, not the easiest task when you live in the Northwest. We don't have doubles, CVS, or some of those wonderful sale prices I see listed in other blogs. I do have a Walgreens, a Safeway, an Albertsons I almost never shop at, and a QFC which occasionally has really awesome deals. I've been having tons of fun trying to keep up with the best bargains to save my family money, build up my budding stockpile, and have leftovers to donate. I'll be doing my best to update here with my favorite deals so that you can learn along with me if you'd like. Please check back often to see what I'm up to!