Monday, April 20, 2009

Safeway again

Spent $3.34, got back another $10 Live Well Catalina!!

I'm really having fun with this one. When we went this morning there was still no Bertolli out, so I thought I'd look around and see what else there was. Thanks to this post by MoneywiseMoms, I had heard about an overlap on a frozen food deal. We don't usually eat a ton of frozen meals but at these kinds of prices, why not buy a few? They'll be great for those nights when I'm just too tired to cook a real meal for everyone.

Here's what I bought:
Cranergy 3.49
3 Lemonade Vitamin Waters 3.00
2 Electrasol Gel Pacs (20 ct) 7.98
Bright Green Bleach 1.49
5 Healthy Choice dinners 14.95

the coupons:
$5 off instantly for the Healthy Choice (Stay In promo)
$1 off Cranergy
$1 off any Bright Green Product
2- $2.50 off Electrasol (from yesterday's paper)
$10 LW catalina
3- $2 catalinas from Bertolli

For a grand total of $3.34 after coupons and another $10 LW catalina- hooray! My receipt shows a savings of $35.47 or 92%. The cashier didn't look too happy when he handed over the catalina at the end, but he's always kind of grumpy with us (even before I started using coupons). He's also easily confused and will hold up the line chatting away with people he does like, but sometimes he's the only one checking people out...

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  1. That was a really good deal! Keep up the great work, I'll stop by later.