Sunday, April 19, 2009

Safeway- $14.74 spent, $91.35 saved!!!

I got my Bertolli Coupons yesterday, so of course another run to Safeway was needed. The first Safeway was nearly out of Bertolli so I bought 4 of the last 5 packs. They said they should be getting in more today or tomorrow (guess where I'll be headed?)

Store #1- $11.41

Here's a breakdown (Spent $11.41, saved $40.89 or 79%)
2 Cranergy 6.98 (forgot coupons!)
4 Bertolli Sauce Packs 8.00
Lemonade Vitamin Water 1.00
Facial Tissue 1.49
2 Trop50 Orange Juice 5.00
2 Yo-Plus Blueberry Acai 5.00
2 Yo-Plus Vanilla 5.00
Reusable Bag 1.49

$1off Bright Green (available in store)
4- $1 off Bertolli
2- $1 off Trop50 printable
3- $1.50 off Yo-Plus printable
and yogurt was marked down $1.50
$10 LWFG catalina

It would have been cheaper, but I decided to grab a lemonade and a reusable bag last minute, plus I had completely forgotten my cranergy coupons. I did walk out with $4 in catalinas from Bertolli and the $10LWFG catalina

Store #2- $3.33

Here's the breakdown (Spent $3.33, saved $50.46 or 94%)
10 Bertolli Sauce Packs 20.00
2 Trop50 Orange Juice 5.00
Yo-Plus Vanilla 2.50
Bright Green All-Purpose Cleaner 3.00
Chocolate chip cookies 1.29 (treat for a well behaved toddler)

10- $1off Bertolli
2- $1off Trop50 printable
$1.50 off Yo-Plus
$1.00 of any Bright Green product
2- $2 catalinas from Bertolli (from the last transaction)
$10LWFG catalina

And this time I left with $10 in catalinas from Bertolli and my $10 LWFG catalina. The cashier was impressed, and I was thrilled.

Here are the coupon links for you (using Internet Explorer):
$1.50/1 Yo-Plus
$1/1 Trop50

Thank you to MoneySavingMom for the coupon links!


  1. Great job, Maygan! I know it's frustrating when you forget coupons. I know when I forget to use them (but have them there at the store), I can bring them to customer service and they'll give me the money back. But you'll probably go back again, right?

    Thanks for linking up at Moneywise Moms. :)

  2. Really good! How did you get all the coupons for the Bertolli? I keep hearing about the deals that everyone is getting but I haven't figured it out yet.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you Gina! I wasn't too bummed about the coupons I forgot, I'm still learning. Plus, I've used 'em both now.

    Sonya- I bought several copies of the paper they were in a few weeks ago, and I ordered some sets off ebay early last week when I saw they'd be included in the promo. Tomorrow is the last day for the cats to print (or so I've heard). The sale price is still good until the 5th so it's not a bad deal at $1 a pouch.