Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My mom's Safeway brag

$13.22 spent, $12 earned!

My mom was over tonight to help with the kiddos (isn't she wonderful?) and I'd been working on a scenario to get her started at Safeway on the awesome promo they're running for as little as possible. Of course, I've used a lot of my coupons already and I didn't want her to buy things she'd never use...but all in all I think we did pretty good. Thank goodness she had held on to her Free Kashi coupon!

She bought:
Bright Green Bleach 1.49
2 packs Arrowhead water 3.98
5 Healthy Choice meals 14.95 (-$5 instantly when you buy 5)
Kashi Frozen Dinner 4.49
3 Sobe Lifewaters 3.00
Oreo Fudgees 3.50

and we used:
$1 off Bright Green Product (you can print these from Safeway.com)
FREE Kashi Frozen dinner - it took off $5.49
$1 off when you buy 3 Sobe Lifewaters catalina
2- $1 off 2 Healthy Choice meal printables (sign up here and print 2)
$4 in catalinas from Bertolli

The totals? 13.22 spent and she got her $10LW catalina plus $2 from buying 2 packs of Arrowhead (and a $1off 2 coupon to use next time! works through May 17th). She saved a total of 70% or $30.75 after club card and coupons! Way to go Gamma!! The Kashi coupon really only should have taken off $4.09, but the manager was checking us out and rang it up that way even though we were trying to explain that the coupon had a max price. It worked out in her favor though, so I guess that's okay...

My turn, more Bertolli!!

The Bertolli catalina deal ($2 for every 2 pouches you buy) ends tomorrow but they had plenty in stock today! I really should have been paying closer attention to my math, because I really didn't need both the cleaner and the cranergy to get to $30 but shopping for 2 deals at the same time is tricky! Either way, I do really like this cleaner and I'm loving cranberry juice so I'm happy.

10 Bertolli Pouches 20.00
Cranergy 3.49
2 All laundry detergent 8.98
Bright Green All-Purpose 3.00

and I used:
4- $0.75 off Bertolli
6- %1 off Bertolli
$1 off Cranergy
2- $2 off ALL Small&Mighty printable (only $1 off now, get it here)
$1 off any Bright Green
and a $10LW catalina

for a total of $11.11 spent and $20 in catalinas ($10 from Bertolli and another $10LW). Plus, now that I've purchased over $40 in Bertolli, I can submit for a rebate that will cover the cost of a turkey (up to $20). I don't know that this deal could get any sweeter, I was payed to buy the stuff and I get a free turkey? AWESOME!

I saved 82% or $47.89 this time around...and I'm not done with the safeway deals yet!


  1. WOW! Great finds, I wish that I was as good as you. In our area, it doesn't seem as if the grocery stores are as willing to help. Kmart is the first store to double coupons that I can ever remember! We need to move.

  2. Thank you! We don't have doubles here either, except for the occasional Albertsons doubler coupons and Kmart- but I haven't done either of them! This Safeway promo is just really working out for me.