Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet our new addition!

Those of you who've been following me for a while probably know we've been expecting baby #3. Well, he arrived on the 16th of this month and is keeping us plenty busy. I'm glad to have a well-stocked pantry at the moment because I'm really not up to the deal-seeking and trying to shop with 3 kiddos. Of course, I've been prompted to share some photos, so here he is:

That's baby Preston at 1 day old. Here he is again with big brother Ryan (you'll have to forgive me for the blurry photos below, the majority of which are from either my or my sister's phone...I'm behind on uploading photos from my camera).

And snuggling with big brother Trent (he adores his "wonderful Frestony Freston")

I don't usually share photos of myself, but my sister caught this big baby yawn and it's kind of cute, so here you go. New babies are so much more fun than couponing!


  1. Congratualtions!!!He is so handsome. Rest up, rest up!!

  2. Congratulations!!! He is so sweet!

  3. Congratulations Maygan! What a cutie & it looks like he has 2 proud big brothers! :) Loved all the pictures!

  4. You make some seriously cute kids, Maygan!

  5. So so sweet! You have a super adorable family! Congratulations!