Friday, July 16, 2010

QFC: Mega 10 promo

$8.72 spent, $45.28 saved (84%)
*I also got a bag of Kraft Shredded cheese, not pictured* Plus, I got back two $2 catalinas. Net cost for all that junk food? $4.72! Even better? The husband loves Ben & Jerry's and but I don't- so it'll be a fun surprise for him without being tempting to me. Everything pictured is part of the "Buy 10, save $5 Mega Event" except for the Edwards singles. Here's what I did:
  • 6 Edwards Singles $1 ea (minus $1 coupons) FREE*
  • 3 Tombstone Pizza $2.49 ea after promo (minus $2 printable coupons) $0.49 ea
  • Kraft Shredded cheese $1.25 after promo
  • 6 Ben & Jerry's $1.75 ea after promo (minus $1/2 coupons from the Safeway Dairy booklet) $1.25 ea

I got back a $2 catalina for every 3 pints of B&J's ice cream. That makes them about $0.58/pint after you figure in the catalina savings.

Note: You can find a $1/1 printable for Edwards Singles at


  1. Great Job! I was wondering if this sale was worth stopping at but I didn't have time to go through the ad. You must have 3 different computers to be able to print that amount of coupons?

  2. I used the $1/1 Edwards singles from an insert a while back. I think our area just got $0.75/1 but someone sent me a batch of the $1/1 in a trade. I've got two computers but we do have extra harddrives we hook up on occasion when there's a deal we have to have.

  3. Awesome! Did you do it in one transaction? They have the Kraft Promo too :)

  4. Yes, one transaction- the B&J's $2 cat prints for every 3 you buy. I've been waiting for the cheese cat to kick in- stocked up like a crazy person today and will probably go back tomorrow. The Kraft cat is working at FM as well. Even better, the stores are all starting to get $1/2 blinkies for the shredded cheese. ;)

  5. It is at albertsons too! Just spotted the sign tonight :)

  6. is the price for the edwards singles still good?

  7. Jessi, I'm not sure. I know it was good for most of this month, but I don't know when it ends for good.