Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Safeway: Buy 4, Save $4 cereal promo

Transaction #1:
$4.64 spent, $46.57 saved (91%)
Plus, I got back a $1.50 catalina for buying the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (that catalina ends today). I used a combination of ecoupons and printable coupons (mostly from but my total was lower than anticipated and I'm not sure why. I've had a long day so I'm not going to provide tons of details- especially since I'm still not sure how it worked out- but I will point you in the direction of the Krazy Coupon Lady. Keep in mind, you get one free box of Nature Valley Nut Clusters per 4 promo items (the Nut Clusters are part of the promo, but were not tagged as such at my store). I took my things out to the car and turned around to use my $1.50 on a second transaction...

Transaction #2:
$3.26 spent, $12.99 saved (80%)
I decided to "splurge" on some of the favorite cereals (CTC for the husband and Cheerios for the boys) plus grab another free box of granola bars (my fav!). All in all, I was able to buy 9 boxes of cereal, 5 boxes of granola bars, 4 bags of Nut Clusters, and 2 boxes of fruit snacks for $7.90 (a mere $0.37 each).


  1. Thanks for the scenarios! I found a peelie for $1.50 bananas when you buy 2 honey nut cheerios (we needed bananas anyway) so 2 apple cin. 2 honey nut plus 3lbs bananas and a nature valley granola bar for $3 and 60 or 70 some odd cents. Pretty decent deal...some of my ecoupons didn't seem to come off but some did:)

  2. Awesome deal, glad you found a great scenario of your own!