Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rite Aid: Diapers, Wipes, and Tide!

Spent $11.23, Saved $29.93
got back $6.50 +UP rewards and $2 SCR
That brings my (after tax) net cost to: $3.73
I didn't exactly need more toothbrushes, styling products, or shampoo/conditioner BUT my mom was sweet enough to do the deal using her Wellness+ card and we swapped goods. So really, I ended up with a toothbrush, 2 packs of diapers, 2 bottles of Tide, and 2 boxes of wipes (all things I like to have on hand). Most of the coupons I used came from the P&G insert we got this past weekend, making it super easy to replicate.
I bought:
  • Pampers $8.99
  • Pampers Wipes $3.69
  • Tide $5.99
  • HE Conditioner $2.50
  • HE Mousse $2.50
  • Oral B Toothbrush (with free sample toothpaste) $2.49
  • Pre-coupon total: $26.16
These are the coupons I used:
  • $5 off a $25 purchase (Video Values)
  • $3 off Pampers (Vocal Point Home mailer)
  • Free Pampers Wipes wyb Pampers Diapers (took off the max of $3.50)
  • $0.75 off Oral B Advantage Toothbrush
  • $1 off Tide
  • Free HE Styling Product wyb Shampoo or Conditioner (took off $2.50)
  • $1 Wellness+ coupon I earned last week
  • A total of $16.75 in coupons

I paid $11.23 ($1.82 of which was tax) and got back $6.50 in +UP Rewards in addition to qualifying for a $2 SCR.

As always, I suggest swinging by For The Mommas for all the latest Rite Aid information- including the latest update to their coupon policy and this week's deals.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I was all ready to go to the store to do the diaper deal on Pampers with my $1.75/1 coupon and you reminded me I still had a $3/1 coupon. Even better!!
    I just watched my first video and got my $5/25 coupon too. That was pretty easy. I am new to Rite Aid, can ya tell? :)
    I'll post my trip after I go.

  2. lol Jane! It's tricky sometimes but I'm really liking Rite Aid (especially with those $5/$25 and $5/20 coupons they put out). I also almost forgot the $3 pampers coupon- can you believe that?!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this HOT deal! I did a video of the savings scenario and posted it to my Facebook page and to YouTube. You should check it out as it would not have been possible without you! You can search for it under Become Shoppertunistic. THANKS again!