Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rite-Aid: Shopping for cheap diapers!

I spent $6.37 out-of-pocket and saved $33.49
I also got back $6 in +Up rewards to use on my next transaction! That doesn't mean my diapers were free- but they were fairly cheap (and with 1 big boy in pull-ups at night, one in diapers, and another on the way I'm happy to stock up on cheap diapers). These deals are good through Saturday.

Here's what I bought:
  • Huggies Pure & Natural: $8.99
  • Huggies Little Movers: $8.99
  • Huggies Pull-Ups: $8.99
  • Pre-coupon total: $26.97
I used these coupons:
I paid using $2 in +Up rewards I had earned previously and a $4.99 SCR check I had from July (you can either cash these at your bank or use them like cash at RA). This brought my total down to $6.37 including the almost $2 in tax, which was paid out-of-pocket. I received $6 in +Up Rewards ($2 per pack of diapers) to use on my next transaction.

Note: For those who like to think in terms of net cost, without the additional $6.99 in payment (from the $2 +Up rewards and $4.99 SCR) I would have paid $11.47 out of pocket and still received my $6 back. Without tax that works out to a mere $1.83/pack, including tax it's $2.46/pack (after you figure in the +Up rewards earned).

As always, I recommend For The Mommas for all the hottest RA deals and up-to-date info regarding what is quickly becoming my favorite drug store.


  1. I have been getting SCR forever and didn't know you could use them like cash! I even did the Cottonelle deal yesterday and had last months check in my purse. Darn! Thanks for the info! Love seeing your deals! I loose motivation sometimes, and seeing your success always helps get me going again!!

  2. Kim, that's one of my favorite things about SCR! I love being able to use it like cash in store if there are good deals- and if there's nothing I want to buy I can take it to the bank and deposit it.