Friday, August 27, 2010

Safeway: apple juice & dinner

Spent $19.62, saved $54.40 (73%)
(not pictured: 2 gallons of milk)
After a long day of toddler haircutting and kitchen cleaning I was kind of excited to see that the $5 Friday deal was Turkey Breast. I love turkey and not having to cook it sounded especially appealing. I decided I'd also take advantage of the Motts juice/snack deal going on this week. It is a little silly because neither of my boys drink apple juice (or any juice for that matter) but I love to have it on hand while nursing- so I took advantage of this chance to stock up for myself. My trip breaks down like this:

I bought:
  • 12 bottles Motts Apple Juice $2.00 each (used six $2 off 2 bottles coupons from the MDA booklet- check CS) $1 each
  • 5 boxes chewy granola bars $2.49 each (FREE as part of the juice promo) FREE
  • 3 boxes Rice Krispie Treats $2.49 each (FREE as part of the juice promo) FREE
  • 2 gallons milk $1.99 each
  • Fresh Express $1
  • O Organics Tea $1.19 (used $1 O Organics q) $0.19
  • Turkey Breast $5

I used a $3 catalina from last week to help pay. The juice promo didn't work quite right for some reason and only 4 of my participating "snacks" came off on their own so the cashier had to take off the price of the other 4 snacks manually. The limit on the deal is 12, so I'm not sure what the issue was but it's something to keep an eye on just in case you're doing a similar deal.

This is not the best deal on juice I've ever seen, but I'm starting to run out of deal shopping steam so I'm happy with my results. There are a few other deals worth mentioning at Safeway this week, so you may want to swing by Queen Bee Coupons to check them out for yourself.


  1. How did I miss that you are expecting! Congrats Maygan:)

  2. Thanks! I haven't posted much about it, but it's the reason behind the big slow down in the posts.

  3. Congratulations Maygan! When are you due?

    And...great shopping by the way! Is Apple juice a trick of yours while breastfeeding? I am BF my 4 mo old and get the hunger pains worse than pregnancy. :)


  4. Thanks Jane! I'm scheduled for the 16th next month. and yes, juice is always a good trick for me. I don't drink much of it usually, but it tends to make me feel a little more "full" than water. Plus, it's easier to drink than eat while nursing.