Monday, May 25, 2009

One last Albies run...

...and I only spent $1.49 this time!
I was out of $1 coupons for the BBQ Sauce, so I used 6 $0.75 off coupons (2 of which doubled) so they were all free. I also used a Free French Bread coupon I found attached to the bottom of one of my receipts from earlier this week, I had to call and do a quick survey to get the code. They Graham Crackers were priced at $2.49 instead of $3.00, so all the smores items came to $1.49 this time around (after the instant discount, the coupon, and the doubler). My savings for this trip added up to $25.71.
Just in case you're wondering, we won't really be eating all of the smores. My toddler loves graham crackers and they're so much cheaper this way. So far, we've given away 2 sets of smores to people we know and are looking to unload some of the marshmallows to anyone who'll take 'em. I think we'll keep one bag for ourselves to make some smores with. I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for all the Hershey's though!
...and that brings my grand totals for the week at Albertsons to $21.36 spent and $190.96 saved! I could have done better if I had split my first trip into separate transactions, but this is all still a learning experience and I'm feeling pretty great about all my deals.

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