Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Cheap Bandaids!
Trent is getting to be that age where I'm sure I'm going to start needing to have Bandaids on know, all the time. Walgreens currently has Bandaids on sale 2/$5, with a RR promotion that you get $4RR when you spend $10 on Bandaids and/or Neosporin (on sale for $5). I did 4 boxes of Bandaids @ $2.50 each, and used 4 $1off coupons from a few weeks ago. My total came to $6.86 but I got back $4RR for next time. I should go back this weeks to do the Neosporin. I'll probably buy something else producing RR with what I have now to cut down on my out-of-pocket expense, because I can't use the Bandaid/Neosporin RR on more of the same products.

Even without coupons, the bandaids would be $10 with a $4RR, making your net cost $6 for 4 boxes (or $1.50 a box). Seems like a decent price, especially if you need Bandaids and can find the 80count assorted.

If you head to Walgreens today or tomorrow, May 20th or 21st, you may want to print this $5off a purchase of $25 or more. Buying the Bandaids/Neosporin would get you almost halfway to the $25.

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