Saturday, May 30, 2009

more bandaids!

Look what I found at Target today! We needed diapers and one of those silicone brush things for grilling, and I can't seem to make a Target run without taking a look around. The first aid bag ($4.99) was free with the purchase of 3 Johnson&Johnson First Aid Products. 20 packs of Hello Kitty Bandaids were $1.89 each, and the Gauze Pads were $1.57. For a pre-coupon total of $10.34. After the $4.99 autodeduct, I used 3 $1 off any Johnson&Johnson First Aid coupons (expiring tomorrow) bringing my total to $2.35.

I know I didn't really need any more bandaids, and yes I only have boys, but Trent loves Hello Kitty and I have no plans to introduce him to SpongeBob (the only other character bandaid they had). I'm really excited to swap out the sandwich baggie full of Infant Tylenol, baindaids, neosporin, and diaper rash cream in my diaper bag for this little bag!

They also had all the value sized items being clearanced out, most were at 15% off but some were more. I was able to snag a giant box of Pampers sized 1 for $20.28, or about $0.14 a diaper. I'm still trying to figure diaper prices, but it seemed like a bargain to me...