Monday, June 1, 2009

Ribs & Charcoal again!

The husband grilled the ribs I picked up last week at Albies, and they were delicious! A lot of that was due to his amazing grilling abilities, but it was also good meat to start out with. He was so happy, he actually asked me to go back and do the deal again (something that almost never happens!)
I spent a total of $9.30 for all the items pictured above. Charcoal was 6.99 and BBQ Sauce was $0.69 after "Free up to $2 when you buy Kingsford" coupon. Ribs were on sale for $8.10, but I was able to use a coupon for "Save $6 on pork when you buy Kingsford and one other participating product=" (the BBQ sauce!!) and a doubler from the paper yesterday for an extra $1 savings. The M&M's were all free (2 Free product coupons and 2 Buy One, Get One Free coupons!). I saved about $20 on this transaction, and I'll get a night off from cooking...woohoo!

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