Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today's Albertsons Run

Have I mentioned how much I love Albertsons? Well, I do. I didn't plan to well ahead of time, but I did manage to get some great deals (and met a really awesome "Coupon Queen" who shared a few great Kraft Dressing Coupons, thank you!). Here's what I spent today, for a grand total of $12.30 and a savings of $59.71:

$2.50 spent, $13.65 saved
1 Hunt's Ketchup- used FREE item coupon
2 Ritz Crackers- $3.50 (-$2 coupon and doubler...lost one coupon)
2 Country Time Lemonade- $3.50 (-2.50 coupon and doubler)
Buying the 2 Lemonade Canisters got me a $1 catalina (that I used on my second transaction)

$9.51 spent, $22.16 saved
3 Boxes Cornflakes Touch of Honey 1.99 each
2 Nectarines $1.52
Bag Braeburn apples $2.99
Bag Romaine Hearts $2.99
4 lbs Grapes $4.04
and I used 3 peelies from the cereal for $1 off fruit when you buy the cornflakes (I had to look for boxes on the back of the shelves, so check all your boxes), 3 doublers, and the $1 off produce when you buy $10 worth of produce. I also used my $1 catalina. To make the most out of this deal, you want to buy as close to $10 in produce as you can get (I went over), and technically at least $6 of it should be fruit.
$0.29 spent, $23.90 saved
...and a pack of gum, not pictured!
The pasta salad was on sale 10/$10 and the boxes had $1 off 2 peelies attached. I used 5 of those, and 3 doublers to take off $8.00. I didn't realize they also counted for the $3.00 off instant Kraft promo, so another $3.00 came off leaving me with negative balance. I threw in a pack of gum marked at $1.29 and paid $0.29 for all that pasta salad. Hope it's good!!
**even better would be to do this deal and add a pound or so of grapes to make it all free!

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  1. You did really good! And I'm a smidgen jealous.