Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Albertsons ConAgra plan 6/17-6/23

On the back of this weeks Albertsons ad is another one of those "Spend $25, get $10 off your next purchase" deals, this time with lots of ConAgra products. Remember that the $25 is before coupons! I've got a few coupons that match perfectly (from the ConAgra coupon mailer and May All You), so this deal is looking too good to skip, especially since so much of it is food the husband likes. My plan includes:

  • 6 Hunt's snack packs $6.00
  • 2 Crunch 'n Munch $2.00
  • 4 boxes Orville popcorn $6.67
  • 8 cans Chef Boyardee ravioli (yuck!) $8.00
  • 3 cans Hunt's diced tomatoes $3.00

for a pre-coupon total of $25.67. I'll be able to use:

  • 2- $1 off any 3 Snack Pack
  • $1 off any 2 Crunch 'n Munch
  • 2- $1 off any 2 Orville
  • 2- $1 off any 4 ravioli

to knock my total down to $18.67 with a $10 catalina to use for my next purchase. I'm torn between doing it early this week and using the $10 catalina to pay for the fruit and buns I'll need this Saturday or waiting until Sunday to see if there are doublers this week. I've heard rumors that there will be more, and that'd knock my net cost for those items down to a cool $5.67. Maybe I should just wait and see... and yes, the ravioli is for the husband, I would never feed that to a toddler!

If you're looking for coupons to match this deal, don't forget about internet coupons! Here's a few that should be of interest:

  • $0.75 off Marie Callenders Pasta Al Dente and $1 off 2 Crunch and Munch available here (there's also a $1 off any 1 Hebrew National hotdog coupon)
  • $1 off any 2 Healthy Choice meals over here

...and one more thing: Hefty one-zip bags are back on sale at $2 each and those $1 coupons are still right in front of them! Keep your eye out for doublers and they'll be FREE!

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