Thursday, June 4, 2009

Albertson' spent? NOTHING!!!

My mom and I went back to Albertsons today to pick up some more pasta salad (to donate) and a few other things. We did a total of 7 transactions at 2 different stores, spending $2.00 total out of pocket and leaving with $2 in Albies catalinas- that means it was all FREE!!!

Store #1
20 boxes Pasta Salad
8 bottles Kraft Dressing
4 canisters Country Time
2 bags Seattle's Best Coffee

*or 2 transactions of 10 boxes pasta salad and 4 kraft dressings- cost $0.00 each
and 2 transactiosn of 2 cans Country Time and 1 bag Seattle's Best- cost $0.50 each, with $1 catalina

Store #2 (8 bottles salad dressing not pictured)

20 boxes pasta salad
8 bottles kraft dressing
3 bottles Mayo (yuck! but we needed if for pasta salad and it's $1.00/3 after q's and doubles, and paid for with a catalina...FREE!)

We took the pics in the car today, since most of it was going and not staying. All in all, an awesome trip...probably my best ever!! I'm out of salad dressing coupons, but I do want to buy more pasta salad this week. How much did we save, you ask? I don't have the mayo receipt and since I don't usually buy the stuff have no idea how much it usually costs. Excluding the mayo we saved a total of $173.98 today!!!


  1. Just curious...what kind of coupon did you have for the pasta salad?

  2. Betsy- they had $1 off 2 peelies attached and are frequently on sale for $1 each. Add a doubler and they're free! I'm still seeing peelies in store.