Friday, June 26, 2009

a "big" shopping trip

It really seems like the more I coupon and stockpile, the less I need to buy when I do my regular shopping...and the less I spend. We did our big shopping trip (the one in which we buy most of our groceries for 2 weeks) and this is what we bought:

3 gallons milk (not pictured)
2 Rib Eye Steaks...$16 something
2 corn cobs
1 pound broccoli
bag of carrots
2 bags flour tortillas (used $0.75 coupons and doublers to pay $0.19 a bag)
3 bags mini oreos (used $1.50 off oreos when you buy milk to help pay for the milk)
can refied beans
10 boxes taco shells (used $0.50 peelies to make them free)
...and then I used $18 in catalinas I had earned from shopping at Albie's in the last week...

$10.07 spent, $55.46 saved!
That's not all we're eating. We will have to go back for more milk, bread, and fruit. We have tons of fruit and veggies left over from the birthday party right now- and we've been getting lettuce from the husband's grandparent's house while they're on vacation. Albertsons- you're really winning me over with these double coupons!

$0.19 is a great price for tortillas by the way! Look for the 75cents off coupons in the condiment section and then grab the bags of mission tortillas (corn or flour) priced at $1.69. Look for specially marked flour bags, some have 8 tortillas but the newer ones have 10.

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