Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap Cereal, and a splurgy trip!

$1.92 for all this:
I had some $1 coupons for the cereal and with 8 of those plus two doublers, I was able to snag a ton of cereal for cheap. I was hoping for taco shells to make this deal cheaper, but I'm happy to pay one buck for 2 cans of refried beans.

$12.18 spent, $36.90 saved
I was able to snag a few $1 off beef coupons, so with those and doublers we payed about $0.40 for each steak. The chocolate milk was $0.99 after q and double and the buttoni were $1.99 each after qs and doubles. I payed $3 for 2 pints of Ben&Jerry's (the husband will be thrilled) and only $1 for the "flipped out" dessert. I'm thinking fancy buttoni and the ben&jerry dessert will make for cute romantic-like date night for cheap!

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  1. Great Shopping! I've been debating the buitoni pasta... I think I may have to make another trip tomorrow! Aimee