Monday, June 8, 2009

I learned something new today at Albies!

It's true! I haven't seen it posted anywhere, so I thought I'd share. The rule about only being able to use 3 doublers per transaction? not necessarily true! As long as each doubler has a different number, you can use one of each per transaction!

For example, in the weekly ad that got mailed out last Tuesday there were doublers and each one had a bold number (1, 2, and 3) on it. In the glossy flyer we got in the Sunday paper, there were more doublers but these ones had different numbers in bold (5, 6, and 7). You can use all 6 of these in one transaction because none of them are expired...they're all good til tomorrow! Just think about how much easier it'll make your deals!

This info came from management at a nearby Albies, not the one I usually go to but they're also very coupon friendly. You may want to double check with your manager/cashier but they should have no problems putting it through register-wise.

Yes, that's another 20 boxes pasta salad. The coupon lady in front of me gave me some coupons for the KC Masterpiece in a sort of apology for being so confused about her transactions and "taking too long". I told her I'd been hitting Albies all week and was in no rush, but I gave her some bagelfulls coupons to try. I did 2 transactions, one of just pasta salad and the second with pasta salad and the bbq stuff (using 6 doublers and paying $1). Anyone need pasta salad?

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  1. SO good to know--thanks!!! So, maybe I won't be doing a zillion transactions tonight! :)