Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free umbrella at RiteAid (ended)

ThriftyNorthWest mom has the scoop on how you could possibly get a free beach umbrella at RiteAid today only. Knowing the employees at my store, I'm not so sure it would work, but even then $4.99 for a nice umbrella isn't such a bad deal...having a small filler item might work. I may have to check it out, especially since we were talking about a beach vacation this summer!

You can get both coupons here!

*edit* I got mine!! No filler needed, the guy just double checked one of the coupons with a manager, and I paid $0.42 for it...woohoo!!


  1. i went to 2 rite aids...the first would not let me do it and treated me like 2 y/o and had me read aloud...yes I said read aloud...their q policy of one internet coupon per transaction, so I left, the second rite aid let me do it and my total was $0.34 hahahaha great deal if you ask me!

  2. yay, I'm glad it worked for you! That's too bad about the first store, how ridiculous of them to make you read it outloud!