Monday, June 8, 2009

besides being thrifty...

I really like taking pictures. I'm not really too good at it, but I try. When Trent was new, I took thousands of pictures. Really cute ones too. I've also got a few cute pictures of Ryan, and am looking forward to taking more in the next few months (it's so much easier before they start moving!). Getting the two together to "pose" for a picture?

Not the easiest thing ever. What you see above is the result of bribing Trent to sit still with yogos and attempting to shake a rattle to get Ryan to smile all while snapping away. Posing just one, when they're old enough to sit and will smile for silly faces? I can handle that! Below, Trent at 9 months for valentines day 08.
That picture is still one of my favorites, and I'm sure he'll be super embarrassed when he's older. For now, with Ryan I'll just be happy with the photos I've got. Below is Ryan at one week. I hate taking pictures of myself, but I really wanted to capture just how tiny and squishy he was.


  1. I love the pictures. Especially the last one. You really do have a talent. And the valentine's day one is perfect, it should be in a calendar.

  2. thank you! It's something I'd really like to learn more about when I have a little bit more free time (does that ever happen?)

  3. The picture of you and Ryan is breathtaking! And that "Cupid" would be great on the front of Valentine's Day cards!