Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My last doubles run this week

...and it was a good one! I got all this (and 5 boxes of Capri Sun) for...

$18.60, a savings of $89.03!
True, some of it was a mistake...the assistant manager kind of insanely demanded that she refund me $4 for the coke even though I tried to explain I had already used coupons and doublers. Most of my total was the chips ahoy/capri sun. My store stopped doubling anything over $1, so I payed more than I expected for that but with the extra coke savings it all worked out. I also got a survey with a $2 coupon for my next purchase, woohoo!!

There were no doubles in the ad for next week, but the lady working told me that there would be (so, maybe Sunday?). She also said something about another smores deal and gave me a ton of coupons to use for that, but I honestly don't see a thing in the ad about it. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Fabulous Deals!

    Thanks for the heads up on possible doubles again this Sunday... I'll have to wait to do my shopping!

    I did the Coca-Cola Purchase today and got a great buy! I also had a $2 survey offer which I used!!! Have a Happy 4th!

  2. I can attest to the fact that sometimes the deals just don't happen like I think they will. But for the amount of money that I save and free items I get on a weekly basis, it's worth it!
    I have never found anyone at Albertsons to be anything but patient and kind with these doublers. Good job!
    The coupons that come in my paper do say in the find print that you cannot double a coupon over $1. Originally I thought that they would only double up to $1.00, but I had a clerk tell me that in fact if it is over $1.00 it is not part of the doubling promotion. I guess that is fair. :)
    This time around I got cheap chips, free Ken's Dressing and Free Snyder's Pretzels. I posted about it on my blog.