Friday, June 5, 2009

More lemonade mix at Albie's

$0.19 spent, with $1 catalina earned!
I couldn't resist going back for more lemonade mix. Before I used to coupon this was a treat I'd pick up for myself every once in a while, so I can't resist a bargain like this. I've been searching for more of the $1 tearpad coupons but haven't had any luck but things worked out today!

2 Kraft dressing $5.00
2 Country Time Lemonade Mix $5.00
2 candy bars 1.39

-$3 instant
-$1.50 on 2 Country Time printable (
-3.00 (for 2 $1.50 kraft dressing coupons)
-$0.69 Buy One, Get One Free candy coupon
-$3.00 doublers**

Total: $11.39-$11.29= $0.19 and I got another $1 catalina!!

**Apparently most Albertsons will not double any coupon valued over $1. Management at my Albertsons says it's okay, but that "we can only use the doublers for $1" and some cashiers will actually pull out the doublers to "take care of you" if you don't hand them over yourself. Just want you all to be prepared in case you try the same deal and get turned down.

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