Wednesday, June 10, 2009

QFC tonight

Isn't it funny how sometimes, once you get used to how much you save during a great shopping week, you look at how much you spent on what you got and feel just a bit of disappointment that it wasn't a better deal? Tonight was one of those trips. Of course, anything following a week where I purchase $400 in groceries for less than $20 bucks would probably fit into that category. I probably wouldn't even share, except that I don't want to look like some ridiculously amazing shopper all the time. I did get a good deal regardless, except for the tomato...

14 .32 spent, 17.65 saved
3 artichokes $3
3 bell peppers $3
Cranberry juice $2.50 (should have bought 2)
2 chocolate milks (a treat for the husband and myself)
2 cans tuna $1.24
tomato $2.30 (yikes!)

I would never buy a tomato for $2.30! I don't even like tomato, except that I was going to make BLT's this weekend and needed one for that (and yes, I was going to make myself eat some but only to set a decent example for the toddler). My plan was to buy 2 "on the vine" for $1/pound and use one for a salad and one for the sandwiches. The husband was shopping with me, and when I asked him to "grab me a bag please" he heard "there are holes in these". His response was something like "they have hothouse tomatoes right there". I was kind of confused and so I asked "you want that kind instead?" and he said "sure". They were obviously more expensive, but since I thought he really wanted that kind, I figured we'd just grab one that looked good and didn't look at the price. As we were walking to the car I made a joke about his expensive tomato, to which he replied "yeah, but it doesn't have holes!" and that's when we figured out where the conversation went wrong. Moral of the long story about a tomato: it's either grab my own produce bag or stick with what's on my list. I'm not sure, but either way he better eat that tomato!


  1. Hi there! I found your blog when I was reading some of SonyaAnn's comments, so I came over to visit. I love the $2.30 hothouse tomato....I am laughing at that one. I cannot believe that the grocery store would sell those for that price! UGH! Well, at least your BLT won't be just a BL! :)

    I'll be back to visit again soon! :)

  2. Good morning! I found you through SonyaAnn. (I check out a lot of her commenters to find new blog friends.) Don't feel bad about not getting the greatest deal every time. Sometimes you just have to splurge and buy that $2.30 tomato.

  3. I feel you about the $2.30 tomato. I would guard that thing with my life.
    And I see a couple of my stalkers found you. Watch out they can be really bad! LOL!
    Lots of love for my girls.

  4. Tomatoes with funny! I hate it when that kind of stuff happens. It's kind of how I feel though about the library. We get so many free books, so when I slip and forget a few on the due date and have to pay late fees it seems to make it more even in my mind. Groceries seem the same way. I try to calm my mind down thinking about all the free stuff I walk away with every month! :)

  5. guard the tomato with my life? no way! he needs to eat that thing and then maybe talk about how delicious it was for days!!

    j/k! i feel better when i think about how much money i've saved on other things...and hopefully his tomato plants will take off soon and i won't have to buy anymore!

  6. LOL! at being part of SonyaAnn's crew. Peace Out!

    We are all really nice, not stalkers in a weird, creepy way. LOL!

    Did Hubby enjoy his tomato?