Thursday, June 25, 2009

I found tuna!!

$10.39 spent, $84.67 saved
...and I got another $8 in catalinas to use on my next transaction! Not pictured: another 10 more boxes of taco shells (going to St. Vincent's) and 1 frappucino. Just in case you're wondering, there are 36 pouches of tuna. yumm! I used 12 $1.50 off 3 tuna coupons (tearpad found at Safeway), $0.50 peelies on taco shells (that makes them free without doublers!), a $1 off 3 mini hagan-dazs coupons, $1 frappucino coupon, and 2 doublers.

I've got more tuna coupons coming (this time for donation purposes). hooray for fun shopping!!


  1. How many pouches of tuna did you have to buy for the Catalina to print? I purchased 5 today but no catalina....

    Great Trip - Good Job!

  2. I did everything in one transaction, but I got a $1 cat for every 5 pouches I purchased. You could call the Catalina company (1-888-322-3814) and they can mail it to you, just have your receipt handy so you can give them all the info they need. I know it's only one dollar, but when you use coupons you can buy a lot of things with $1!

  3. HA HA, I got 35 things of tuna and my husband thought I was ca-razy. But it was all for free! How could I pass that up?! Good work! And I totally agree, Albertson's is way better than Safeway.

  4. Thanks Together We Save! I'm thinking I won't have to buy tuna for quite some time...

    Chelsea, I love it! My husband is actually past the point of calling me crazy for stockpiling things like that. They don't expire until feb 2012 anyways, so I have plenty of time to use up my tuna!!

  5. Great job on the tuna! I did check out my store for coupons and didn't find any. Do you think there is a chance I could find some at Safeway this week?

  6. Jane, I found more at my Safeway last night so you might get lucky at yours too! Otherwise, some Albertsons have them stashed at the checkstands, so you might want to ask around at yours!