Monday, June 8, 2009

toilet paper deal @ Albertsons!

Thanks to Bfrugal at SD for pointing this one out, we don't usually see such good deals on toilet paper! Albertsons has 12 packs of Angel Soft on sale 3/$10 as part of their promo from this last week. You can register here for a $0.50 off coupon and print it twice (by hitting the back button 3 times after the first print). If you have access to more than one computer, print it 3 times or else keep your eye out for $0.50 off coupons in the store.

Buy 3 packs for $10.00- $3.00 instant off -$1.50 (3 $0.50 off coupons) -$1.50 (3 doublers)= $4.00 for three 12 packs of toilet paper!

If you can only print 2 coupons and use 2 doublers, your total will come to $5.00 for 36 rolls of toilet paper which isn't too bad either.

You'd better hurry though, because this week's sale ends tomorrow!

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