Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great deal on Scrubbing Bubbles @ Safeway

Check this deal out!

Recipes for A Clean Summer Promo is a $4 instant discount at the register when you buy any 4 "participating" items. Some of those items include Windex, Lysol, and Febreeze. Scrubbing bubbles is also included and on sale for $2.49 each. If you have the coupon booklets from SC Johnson (found in-store last month), you'll find $2 off any 2 coupons. If you purchase 4 scrubbing bubbles cleaner and use 2 of those coupons, you'll pay $0.49 per can after all discounts! I really like this cleaner (only when the toddler isn't helping) so I plan on picking some of these up! Windex is also on sale at $2.99, and there are $1 off coupons in the same book. After coupon and discount, they'd be $0.99 each...not a bad price!

Another nifty promo is the $3 off instantly when you buy any 3 participating Dove products. The Original Dove deodorant is priced at $2.79 and counts towards the current Mix & Match promo as well! Buying 3 as part of a M&M will knock down the cost to $1.29 each. There are also supposed to be $1 coupons out there (not sure where, but I'll let you know if I figure out where!) that could make your per-item cost $0.29. At that price, it's a great donation or stockpile addition.

A huge thank-you to Momto5 over at SD for spotting both these bargains!!

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