Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coupon Request Wednesday

We're doing great so far! Hopefully you've found some time to write to a few companies as well- because the coupons are really starting to roll in this week! Here's who we're writing to this week if you're playing along with me (and if you aren't, let me know how things are going with the companies you've contacted!).
  • Ken's Foods: (email: I LOVE their Cesar dressing, and wrote in to let them know that it really is the best I've ever purchased. I also asked for coupons. Response: I didn't get an email back, but did get an envelope full of coupons (including: FREE Ken's dressing or marinade, FREE Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, $1/1 Ken's dressing, $1/1 Sweet Baby Ray's, and $1/1 Ken's Marinade. The $1 coupons should make for free products with Albertsons doublers and have no expiration date. Jackpot!).

  • Duncan Hines: I wrote in and let them know that I really enjoy their moist cake mixes, and that I have one recipe in particular that never comes out as good with any other boxed mix. Response: I got a thank you note in the mail along with a $0.35 off any 1 Duncan Hines Product coupon.

  • Bar S: This one sounds silly, but I wrote to them and explained how I originally thought that because their products were so cheap they would taste awful and be a waste of money BUT that after trying their bacon I was really impressed with the flavor and quality.


  1. Wow, Ken's Dressing was generous! I think I will shoot them a letter too :) I'm kind of surprised that Duncan Hines was a bit stingy. 35¢, really? lol!

  2. I was surprised about how generous Ken's was with their coupons as well. So worth the little bit of effort to compliment them!!