Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's get some coupons!

It's not much of a secret (and I'm sure you all feel the same way) but my favorite kind of coupons are FREE item coupons. There's nothing more fun then getting your groceries for free, especially when the freebie is so easy. I also love high-value coupons, but who doesn't? If you're new to couponing, you might wonder where some people get such great coupons. Even if you're an advanced couponer, it's easy to forget how easily you can obtain high-value and FREE product coupons for items you regularly use. The trick? Writing to companies whose products you love and asking for coupons!

It really is that easy! Of course, what's the fun in just talking about this? I hope you'll all join along with me as I write to a few companies each week, to compliment the products I already use (or that you use) and we can see where this experiment takes us! To make it easy, I'm going to suggest just a few companies each week- I'll even provide you with links to their comment pages! It will be fun to see how rewarding a few minutes each week turns out to be. Hopefully, you'll pop in once in a while and let me know how things are going for you as well.
Here's who I'm writing to this week (and results):
  • Flinstones Vitamins (Bayer): I wrote to them and let them know how much I love My First Flinstones for my two year old (no more cutting regular ones in half) and asked for coupons. Response? They're sending me a coupon for a FREE box and a pack of other Bayer coupons.
  • Fresh Express (Chiquita): I wrote to let them know how tasty I think the Cesar Salad Kit is and asked for coupons. Response? They're pleased I like their product and will be sending some coupons my way for future purchases. (Received 2 $0.55 off any 1 Fresh Express Product coupons).
  • Marzetti: I wrote about how surprised I was that their Cheesy Texas Toast was as delicious as it is and asked if they mailed out coupons or made them available in the newspaper. Response? They're pleased I took the time to write them and will be sending a coupon. (Received one coupon good for a FREE package New York Brand frozen bread product).

I wrote to all of these companies late last week, and had received email responses from each of them. As for Fresh Express and Marzetti- I'll be happy to post what coupons they send once I receive them. So, start your writing! (Of course, if you don't use or have never tried these brands, feel free to write to another company whose products you really do use and enjoy. I don't want to encourage dishonesty in exchange for coupons! I would be more than thrilled to hear who you're writing to and what results you get.)


  1. Great idea, Maygan! My coupon buddies & I were talking about that today as my friend has started doing that as well and has already received some awesome coupons! Definitely a good thing for those hard-to-come by coupons!

  2. I have thought about doing this actually. I was worried that it may be a waste of time, but sounds like I was wrong. Great plan!