Tuesday, January 12, 2010

QFC matchup: 1/13-1/19

3 Day Sale specials (Friday-Sunday)
  • $.99/lb Pork Shoulder Roast
  • $2.99 Cuties Clementines 3lb bag (use the $0.50 IP to make it $2.49- no longer available)
  • QFC yogurt 4/$1
  • Kellogs Cereal $1.49 each
  • Tree Top Apple Juice $1.49 each
  • Doritos $1.79

Other Deals I like:

  • Half Gallon QFC Milk or Orange Juice $1.25 each
  • 1lb Driscolls Strawberries $2 (use $0.50 IP- no longer available)
  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.49 (or $0.49 after $1 printable coupon)
  • QFC Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream 16oz $0.99
  • Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $0.88 can (Print a $1 off 3 coupon- must play the game first)
  • Method Laundry Detergent $3.99 (use this $2 printable coupon to make it only $1.99)
  • Large Naval Oranges $0.88/lb
  • Large Green Peppers $0.50 each
  • Hot/Lean Pockets $1.88 each (I know there are cellfire and shortcuts ecoupons for these)

Did I miss any great QFC deals? I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to drop me a comment here or send an email to maybefrugal@hotmail.com. Thanks!


  1. Nice to see QFC match-ups! Are you going to be doing them on a regular basis?

  2. Kim- I'm certainly going to try. Everyone does such an awesome job with their matchups and I almost never see QFC mentioned!

  3. Me either! It's nice to see eCoupons mentioned too.

  4. yes, thanks for posting this! I have a question: I notice that the ALL detergent is on sale for $3.83 for the 50 oz. bottle - anyone know if there is a decent coupon out there to add to this?

    I may go for the Method detergent but it is only for the 25oz

  5. Liz, there are $2 insert coupons that came out some time ago floating around (you could try ebay). I believe you can also print a coupon here for $1 off: http://www.all-laundry.com/#/register/