Friday, January 29, 2010

Sign up for Kohl's Sales Alerts

I was recently on the Kohl's website checking out some clearance items, and decided to go partway through the checkout process to see what the total would be and if I could apply any discount codes. In the process, a box popped up and asked if I'd like to sign for their sales alert. I thought to myself, "why not?" and promptly forgot about it. Until this morning that is, when they emailed me my "$5 gift from Kohl's". That's right, signing up for Kohl's Sales alerts will get you a $5 coupon good for your purchase of $5 or more! I also got a code good for 10% off my next online purchase, but that's less exciting than the $5 in-store coupon. I'm thinking that with all the clearance deals they always seem to have and sales this should be a great way to get something for FREE. You can always opt out of the emails later or set it to go straight to your junk mail.

To sign yourself up, just head over to the Kohl's website!

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  1. Hi Maygan, I have actually never been to Kohl's. Wierd, I know! Just wanted to let you know, any link backs are great!