Thursday, January 14, 2010

La Victoria Coupons- do NOT use them!

Wow- who knew? It turns out that the La Victoria Coupons I told you about last week are not obtained in the way La Victoria meant for them to be. So, if you still have these coupons around- they should be tossed! I am sorry for any confusion or concerns I may have cause in posting this. I do my best to only post deals that are legitimate, and I'm sorry that this was not one of those deals.

Jen over at Thrifty Northwest Mom has the full scoop for you.


  1. Hi Maygan, Awful huh? It seemed legit to me as well and I had several posts about it. Thanks for the info on the Victoria's Secret too! Bad day in bloggerville for me yesterday! :)

  2. I was really surprised. I remember these coupons being big early last year and so when they came up again I thought they were just as legit as they were before!

    The VS one is tricky, and people have been using it for years (because some stores will just sub in any beauty product). I just would hate for anyone to get in trouble or have a bad experience!