Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Albies trip

Spent $16.35, Saved $61.16 (79%)
(3 more cases of water are still in the car)

I started out with a $5 catalina from yesterday's water purchase, and walked away today with $12 in catalinas good for my next trip. For those keeping tabs, the net cost is $9.35, most of which is for the 4 cases of water. The torillas and water deal are outlined in my post from last night, but here's what else I did:

4 boxes of mini wheats $10
  • used two $2 off 2 boxes coupons
  • paid $6 and got back $7 in catalinas (one $3 and one $4- this probably shouldn't be working like this, but I'm not going to argue)
I also bought:
  • 2 Dannonino Yogurts $2.19 (minus $1 coupons and 2 doublers) $0.19 each
  • Dannimal's Coolision $2.49 (minus $1 coupon and doubler) $0.49
  • Bread $0.99
  • Hamburger Buns $1.29


  1. What does TVQ stand for? Thanks!

  2. sorry, TVQ is the same as doubler (Twice the Value Coupon, it's what the doublers are labeled as). The forum I participate generally abbreviates that way, while I tend to say double but sometimes I get mixed up when posting!

  3. I assumed that's what it was but wanted to make sure it wasn't an Albies store coupon, I know slickdeal forums use that abb. a lot. Thanks!