Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Safeway Trip today

Safeway: $9.91 spent, $25.64 saved (72%)
I actually purchased 4 gallons of milk but one didn't make it into the photo. These prices are only good through the end of today, so you'll have to hurry down if you want to take advantage of them:
  • 4 gallons of milk $1.99 each (wyb 2) $7.96
  • Honey Nut cheerios $1.49 (minus ecoupons) $0.38
  • BC Molten Chocolate Cake $1.95 (minus ecoupons) -$0.05
  • Wesson Vegetable Oil $2.49 (minus $1/1 and ecoupons) -$0.51
  • Whole Wheat Linguine $0.69 (minus $1 O Organics Safeway coupon, it automatically adjusted to make pasta free) FREE
  • Tillamook Cheddar $3.99
  • Mix and Match BC baking items (buy 2, get 3 free sale): 2 bags cookie mix, 1 cake mix, 2 tubs frosting $3.38 (minus various coupons) -$1.87

I found my O Organics coupons in store about 2 weeks ago, they're good for $1 off any 1 O Organics items and don't expire until 12/31/2010 so keep an eye out for them! You can only use one per transaction- but they're good on such a wide variety of organic food products (including produce and dairy) that I'm sure you're going to want them!


  1. great shopping! i have gone and asked at customer service for the o organics coupons and she looked at me like, huh? Looked around too, so where exactly did u find yours? Thanks. PS, love when you post photos, inspiring.

  2. Thanks Sally! I actually found mine back in the pharmacy area (on the actual counter, so I just asked the pharmacist for a few).

  3. Thanks Maygan... I am about to run over to my safeway and I will check there...

  4. I was successful in obtaining 5 O Organics Q, at the pharmacy as you suggested. Thanks

  5. Sally, I'm so glad you found them- they're some of my favorite coupons. Just be sure that the cashier hits the subtotal button at some point or they may not come off (they will automatically adjust down if your item is less than $1).