Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping today

We headed out early this morning so the husband could get a haircut and I could grab another $2 watermelon at Fred Meyers before the sale ends (tomorrow). Unfortunately, the barber shop he likes was closed for the holiday weekend so we decided to run around and get some things for camping (we're planning to head out next weekend). I also wanted to get some more Hunts tomato sauce ($0.25 each at walgreens through today) because I found a handy $1 off 5 coupon. I did get lucky and found some mark downs at Safeway that'll work well for our camping menu.

Here's what I bought: $19.39 spent, $16.94 saved Everything except for the melon and tomato sauce are from Safeway:
  • O Organics tea $1 (minus $1 O Organics q) FREE
  • 2 packages chuck steak $8.22 (50% off) $4.10
  • Top round steak $5.99 (50% off) $2.99
  • Salmon $8.13 (50% off) $4.06
  • 4pack Starbucks frappucinos $5.99

Plus, when you buy the 4pack of frappucinos, you get a coupon good for any free grande frapp at your in-store Starbucks (up to $4.75). The husband went through with this and I followed behind with a second 4pack of frappucinos and another O Organics tea (free)- a nice way to treat ourselves after running all over the place this morning.

If you're wondering about the lack of fresh foods- don't worry! We went yesterday to stock up on 4/$1 fresh corn at Safeway and I also grabbed about 2lbs of organic bananas at QFC for $0.75. I'm so excited that our store has recently started putting out "baking bananas" for $0.39/lb (both organic and regular!) because they're perfectly ripe for us most of the time. Another exciting sidenote, our garden is producing tons of delicious butter lettuce already! I've also got a pot of cilantro that's been doing great and we've had a few ripe strawberries. I've never really tried to keep a full vegetable garden before so it's fun to have one that's doing so well. Our broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, and peas are all starting to do things as well.

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  1. The tea is a nice idea, FREE! haha.. my favorite!

    The Starbucks deal sounds awesome! Think I'll stop by my Safeway today! <3 thanks!