Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back to Walgreens: more moneymaker deals!

Spent $4.36, saved $26.98
You also might remember me mentioning how I ended with $14 in Register Rewards after my transactions this morning. I'm currently up to $26! I did two different transactions (at two different stores, because neither had a big stock of Neutrogena soap) using coupons from the May Safeway booklet (found in the health and beauty aisles). Here's how I did it:

Transaction #1:
  • 2 Wags AA Batteries $3.49 (on sale Buy one, get one FREE) $3.49
  • Ecotrin $2 (minus $2 coupon) FREE
  • 3 Bars Neutrogena $2.69 ea (minus three $1.50 Neutrogena coupons) $1.19 ea
  • I paid using $5RR and $3.23 in cash
  • I got back $10RR from Neutrogena and $2RR from Ecotrin

Transaction #2:

  • 3 Bars Neutrogena $2.99 ea (minus three $1.50 coupons) $1.49 ea
  • KitKat bar (not pictured) $0.89
  • Paid using $5RR and $1.13 in cash
  • Got back $10RR

The Neutrogena deal (buy 3, get $10 RR) is good all month so don't feel like you need to run out and do this right away. It may even work out better as all Neutrogena products will go on sale later this month for 25% off. However, the coupon booklets at Safeway may not be up much longer so you'll want to head out and get some of those now.


  1. where did the neutrogen coupons come from? I love their soap!

  2. The May Safeway coupon booklets. At my store, they're located near either the shampoo/deoderant or else back by the pharmacy.