Sunday, May 30, 2010

Walgreens this week

My trip: $2.07 spent, $28.09 saved
I had $13.50 in RR about to expire today, so I knew I had to make a quick run to Walgreens this morning. I did two transactions, one with just the Luster 7 toothpaste and the other was a bit more complicated. I ended today with $14 in RR, making the net cost for all the items pictured a mere $1.57. Here was my more complicated transaction:
  • Luster 7 Toothpaste $5
  • 3 cans Lindsay Olives $0.99 each with in ad coupon (minus two $0.55 coupons) $1.87
  • Walgreens A-Z Select vitamins $2
  • Ecotrin $2 (minus $1.50 peelie) $0.50
  • I paid with $9 in register rewards making my total $1.14
  • I received back $5RR from Luster, $2 from the Walgreens vitamins, and $2 from Ecotrin- for a total of $9 in RR!

Note: If you want to pick up the Ecotrin, I'd suggest hitting the stores early on this week. Between the $2 coupons and the $1.50 peelies, this is an easy moneymaker on a handy product (aspirin). I don't imagine they'll be in-stock for very long. For more hot deals at Walgreens this week, you can see a great matchup at The Coupon Project!

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