Monday, May 10, 2010

My Shopping Trips today: Wags & Albies

I really haven't done much shopping this week, and besides a quick run for milk that went un-photographed, we really haven't needed anything. It also helps that the deals weren't super awesome this week. Of course, I did need a few things for this upcoming week's menu plans and had some Register Rewards about to expire so I made a couple of stops today. Here's what I bought:
Albertsons: $0.07 spent, $23ish saved
I also grabbed a copy of the Sunday paper since I hadn't bought one yesterday. I lost my receipt, so I'm not sure of my exact savings except that it was $23 something. I used up the $15 worth of catalinas I had earned buying water, cereal, and taco shells last week. The brown packages are about 4 lbs of boneless skinless chicken tenders (on bonus buy for $1.99/lb).

Walgreens: $5.84 spent, $18.60
I also bought a large thing of lighter fluid for the husband, because we decided to grill tonight kind of last minute. I started with $10 in RR and ended with $11 in RR. Here's the breakdown:

Transaction #1:
  • EOS Shave Cream $2.99
  • Tootsie roll $0.25
  • Tax $0.26
  • Paid with $3RR (from Schick 2 weeks ago) and $0.50 in cash, got back $3RR from EOS

Transaction #2:

  • EOS Shave cream $2.99
  • Schick 3 Razor System $7.99 (used $5 coupon from 5/9 SS)
  • Lighter Fluid $5.99
  • Tax $1.37
  • Paid using $7 in RR and $5.34 in cash, got back $5RR from Schick and $3RR from EOS

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