Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Albertsons trips: (or we won't be needing beans anytime soon)

I started out with the (CHILL) frozen food promo....
and then jumped into the ConAgra deals:
I also scored some extra $5 catalinas that someone had trashed. All in all I purchased:
  • 8 frozen juices
  • 1 Ice Cream
  • Cool Whip (marked down to $0.50 in brem.)
  • 1 mini-pizza (FREE item q!)
  • 3 cans Hunts tomatoes
  • 45 cans of Rosarita refried beans (don't worry! the store I bought these from had a giant pile- there's TONS left for whoever wants 'em. I sent 10 home with my mom)
  • 3 cans RoTel tomatoes
  • 2 cans Manwich
  • 3 bottles Wesson Vegetable oil

I spent $27.13 out-of-pocket but I still have $15 in catalinas for my next Albertsons trip. My savings were just over $120. This was one fun shopping trip! My net cost per item averages out to be about $0.18 per item. (I actually shopped two different stores). I'm not going to type up a crazy list of matchups for this promo, but I will point you in the direction of the Krazy Coupon Lady- their post is awesome, except that the Wesson oil is $2.99 and the VanCamps is $0.99/can.


  1. I love all these promos! I can't wait to go back and roll some catalinas on the Con Agra deal. Did you find any Q's for the Wesson?

    Great shopping!

  2. Kim, I had a $1/1 Wesson oil q from the ConAgra book that everyone was requesting a few weeks ago but that was it. Even without q's it works out to be a pretty decent price and we go through quite a bit between baking and tacos.

  3. Nice job on all those beans. I need an intervention. I can't even stop myself there are too many great deals this week. I'm almost glad that I have to work tomorrow.

  4. ummm...I am so jealous! But I am hoping all will be redeemed if the rumored triped coupons happen here at Harris Teeter. We'll see...

  5. Thanks, I do have that book somewhere. I'm glad you posted the Rosarita beans because there wasn't a promo tag on that at my store which always makes me nervous. I spent $2.00 after cats, and got $13.50 more. I felt like I got paid to shop last night. It was great, and I will be gong back.

  6. Kim, I found out by accident that all the small cans count (even the whole beans at $1.49 each). I'm going to have a hard time not shopping like a maniac this week.

    Rachael- you've got some awesome stores down there, I'm sure you'll be finding crazy deals in no time!

  7. Fabulous, Maygan!! I love how you took the time to stack up all those cans for the picture. WTG!

  8. Wow, Maygan, that is a LOT of beans!! Lol!! I have had to stay away from reading about the Albies deals until today - had WAY too much going on, but can't wait to head out tomorrow & this weekend! Hopefully there will be some things left after all the crazy couponers have hit! :)

  9. Do you figure your savings before or after catalinas? Just curious!

  10. Sara, I use the savings listed at the bottom of my reciept. Since I was "rolling" my catalinas into 3 transactions, my total "savings" does include $35 in catalinas- but I do not include the final catalina earned into my savings total of that trip. I've noticed that when people do they, they tend to count that same amount twice (by subtracting it from their total when earned and again when they use it).