Friday, March 5, 2010

Lots of shopping yesterday

FM and QFC trips:
I spent $5.99 at QFC on 3lbs of strawberries ($4 savings) and another $5.91 at Fred Meyer on cantaloupe, sesame seeds, and Tillamook cheese ($2 savings).

Safeway: $18.66 spent, $37.41 saved (67%)
Which isn't terrible because that's about what the chicken and beef cost alone.

Albertsons: $1.49 spent, $41.47 saved
Tha Danino yogurts were free after coupon and doubler. For the CHILL deal, I did 6 juice, 1 FREE DiGiorno, and 3 Dreyers. I also got a thing of basil (I'm going to try pesto for dinner tonight). I did spend $15 in catalinas, and got $10 back. All in all I spent $32.05, and saved $84.88. I was also able to pick up all the fresh ingredients I need to host the littlest one's first birthday party tomorrow- so that's pretty decent.

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  1. Nice job! Those berries are making me hungry! :)