Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shopping Today: 3 different stores!

QFC: $9.52 spent, $11.53 saved (54%)
I wanted to swing by QFC today to grab some free salad (Fresh Express for $1 minus a $1 coupon) and check to see if the March Madness Promo (Buy 8, Save $4) was still running. It is until the 30th, so you still have plenty of time to get in on any of the awesome QFC deals I mentioned earlier in the week. I also bought 2 roasts for $9.52 because even though we're mostly eating from the stockpile right now I am starting to run low on meat.
Safeway: $4.26 spent, $15.45 saved (78%)
We generally buy Oven Joy bread, and since it's on sale this week for $0.89 a loaf, I went ahead and grabbed two. The flour was on sale for $1.29 and I used a $0.75 to take it down to $0.54 (for 5 lbs!). The Robin Eggs were on sale for $0.99 each, and I used two $2 off 3 bags coupons from the paper a few weeks ago- that works out to $1.94 for 6 bags. I really like them, so I'm planning to give some to my mom (who also loves them) and hide some from myself to stretch them out.

Albertsons: $0.53 spent, $42.97 saved (99%)
I saved the best for last! This was done in two transactions. First, the Kelloggs cereals were on sale for $1.79 a box and each one had a $1 peelie attached. Each bag of sprinkles was free with the purchase of 2 boxes of Rice Krispies. I also used a $5 catalina from the CHILL promo to bring my total down to $0.53. BUT there's a catalina promo that gives you 3 coupons, each good for one gallon of FREE milk (any size, any flavor, up to $4.19) when you buy 7 boxes of Kelloggs brand cereal (or 1 gallon wyb 3 boxes, or 2 gallons wyb 5 boxes). I used those coupons in my second transaction to make all my milk free. I certainly don't need more cereal, but this works out to be cheaper than anywhere else in town ($1.84/gallon if you don't have the CHILL catalina to start) and I would have done it more if I'd been able to find enough of the boxes with coupons attached.

Total Spent: $14.31 Total Saved: $69.95
(That's an average of 83%)


  1. Thanks for the info on the QFC promo! Great shopping as always.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't planning on doing the Kellogg's deal even though it makes for free milk, but if I could find boxes with peelies I might be tempted. :)


  3. The Kellogs deal really isn't worth doing unless you find the $1 peelies (or if you have enough $0.70 blinkies and we get doublers on sunday). The nice part is that each gallon can be up to $4.19 so if you want to get some organic milk, you can.

  4. Free Robin Eggs for mom? That may be the best part of the deal, haha... <3 love you, mom