Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More shopping: QFC and Target (yes, again!)

Target: $18.33 spent, $56.49 saved (76%)
It was hard to pass up the Toy Story deal (My Toy's R Us was out of #2), especially with two little boys who are probably going to enjoy these movies (in a couple of years...they are still kind of young). I never really loved these movies, but I was too old when they came out (and a girl). I had a couple of extra coupons with me, so I gave those to a lady who was hoping to find a DVD combo pack. Seriously though, $15.98 plus tax for two Pixar/Disney movies? That's an awesome deal. I also grabbed another Free PF powder.

QFC: $5.33 spent, $25.99 saved (83%)
I'm not entirely sure these deals are over because sometimes QFC continues promos into a second week and doesn't include them in the ad. Either way, the prices I got yesterday might not be in effect so I'm not going to go into details. Still, this was a good deal for me- and much easier than figuring the Ore-Ida deal at Safeway.

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