Monday, March 22, 2010

QFC & Target: 99% savings!

Total Spent: $1.02 - Total Saved: $67.02 (99%)
Everything but the Physician's Formula makeup today was from QFC, most of the deals were outlined in this post from Saturday. I had two $1 ecoupons for the Fiber One yogurt (for $1 overage after printable coupons) and one $1 ecoupon for the Delights (making both free after printable coupons). I also used the $1.50 planters nut coupon from Facebook (to make these $0.49) and the lunchables were only $0.17 each after the discount and $1 coupon from yesterday's paper. My total spent at QFC was only $0.50, with a savings of $44.84!

Afterwards we hit Target so my mom could do the Sobe Lifewater deal (will be posting that shortly). We found certain kinds of Physician's Formula makeup on Target Price Cut for only $3 each (instead of $10.69 and $11.49) with $4 peelies attached! Per Target's policy, the coupons had to be adjusted down to $3 each- making the makeup free except for a small amount of tax. I paid $0.52 and saved $22.18 on this purchase!


  1. These are my favorite kinds of posts to read!

  2. Thanks KB! These are the kinds of posts that were most helpful to me when I started couponing so I always try to get them up there. It's so much easier when you can really see what it is people are buying!

  3. Great deal on the physicians formula makeup. I might have to do that one myself. :-)

  4. Excellent job!! I will have to check out Target and maybe I can find some cheap Physicians Formula. My teen daughter can only wear this makeup because she is very acne prone and every other makeup we have tried has broken her out terribly. It is maybe I will luck out! :)


  5. do you do coupon matchup for albertsons? I live in ftw tx and cant find a good site that does.....thanks, would love to save money there..