Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Albertsons trip: 99% savings!

Today was a roadtrip of sorts, we hit a number of Albertsons in an effort to not clear any one store of any one kind of cereal or wear out our welcome with the cashiers. These were the end results (please forgive me the less than stellar photo, we were exhausted and it was really sunny out- that's 78 of the 90 cereal boxes we bought):

Albertsons: $6.10 spent, $394.89 saved!!
...of course, $2.99 of that was the lemon cake my mom had to buy because they sampled it and it was too delicious to pass up. I did however, get a $2 survey coupon on one receipt! I spent slightly less than $2 for my share. I kept half the cereal (because we really will eat that much) and the other half is being split between my mom and St. Vincents. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping trips like this!


  1. Awesome and good for you. I made 3 trips to Albertsons today, and did very well. My kids are grown, we have 4 granddaughters that will enjoy the post kids cereal and we still have 2 young adults living away from home, who will enjoy care packages. Thank you so much for the time you put into your blog to share with us. I REALLY enjoy the pictures. Thank you

  2. Great job! Thanks for all your effort in posting the pictures. You always show a good example as well of giving away some of your stash for a good cause.

    I am happy to tell you that I did two transactions today forcthe chimis and both times the catalina printed just fine, making them free. Thanks for the heads up on that!!


  3. Jane- I'm really glad the chimi deal worked for you!

    Sally- glad you had success with the Post sale as well, I'me really loving deals like this!

  4. What area do you shop in? I'd like to try the Chimi deal but don't want to risk it. I'm in Auburn.

  5. Nice Shopping! I'm loving the free chimis too. I take them into work for all my poor college students to eat. They are so appreciative to have something to eat besides mac and cheese and top ramen. I have so much cereal I was thinking about bringing some milk and cereal in too. :-) The best part of couponing is the sharing.

  6. Cheri- I'm on the kitsap penninsula. I do know for a fact that it's working in your area but you may have a hard time finding any in stock.

  7. Ok... I admit it, I did up the price by purchasing a lemon cake that wasn't on sale or with coupons! haha... But... the grandson really seemed to like the taste test!

    Also... we forgot to add my 4 bananas to the list of goodies included in that price! So... that's 8 bananas instead of just 4 we purchased.

    love you <3