Friday, March 26, 2010

Fresh Express: where are you buying it?

Fresh Express is on sale for $1 at quite a few stores this week, and while that's a great deal (especially if you have/find coupons for it)- at some stores it's a much better deal than others. Here are your choices for $1 Fresh Express this week (until Tuesday):

Albertsons: Iceberg Garden salad, Shreds, Coleslaw mix

Safeway*: Spinach, Romaine, Shreds, Double Carrots, Lettuce Trio

QFC: Italian, American, and Hearts of Romaine

I listed the stores in order, Albertsons has the cheapest kinds on sale and unless you really want the shred or coleslaw mix, I'd skip that one. Safeway has some variety which is nice, but QFC has the fancier bags for the same price (I love Hearts of Romaine!). Of course, it'd be silly to go to a seperate store for a single bag or two of salad, but if you're hitting more than one store this week- it's helpful to know your options before you head out.

*Safeway is also running a deal that when you buy Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, you get a free bag of FE. The new flavored Farmhouse varieties are on sale for $2.89 and there was recently a $2 coupon in the paper. You can use that to get a bag of salad and a bottle of dressing for $0.89! If you know me in real life and want these coupons, let me know.


  1. What paper was that recent $2 coupon in? thanks.

  2. It was in March 14th's SuperSaver not last Sunday, but the one before that.