Monday, March 1, 2010

Safeway trip: AMAZING Charmin & Bounty deal

Trip #1: $18.89 spent, $34.35 saved (67%)
...and I got back a $10 catalina! Curious? Let me show you what I did:
  • 2 HBO cereals $4 (used $2 off wyb milk coupons, found by the milk) FREE
  • 2 Packages Oreos $5 (used a $1 off oreos wyb milk, and a printable for a free package of nabisco cookies wyb another package and a gallon of milk- it autodeducted at $3.59) $0.41
  • Charmin $13.99 (adjusts to $9.99 wyb w/Bounty, minus $3 ecoupon from PG Esaver) $6.99
  • Bounty $13.99 (adjusts to $9.99 wyb w/Charmin, minus $3 ecoupon from PG Esaver) $6.99
  • 2 Gallons Milk $4.78
  • Corozonas chips $1 (used FREE coupon from Pharmacy) FREE
  • and I used a $2 catalina I had sitting around. My total was $18.89 and purchasing the Charmin and Bounty qualified me for the $10 catalina wyb $25 worth of P&G products.

Trip #2: $5.41 Spent, $28.29 saved, (86%)

I used a different Safeway club card (because you can only load the $3 Charmin and $3 Bounty ecoupons once per card). I also bought a couple of bananas ($0.57 worth) and another free bag of Corazonas chips. I used the $10 catalina I had earned earlier, and earned a second one. Hooray for cheap toilet paper and paper towels!! This deal is good through tomorrow, so if you're interested- you might want to load those ecoupons now! A HUGE thank you to the SD SW members for catching this.


  1. This looks great! I didn't know the P&G was still going on. I'll have to head out there tonight! Thanks!!

  2. Is there a trick to getting the esaver coupons? It keeps telling me that there aren't any coupons available and I've never loaded them from that site. I got 2 packs of Charmin anyway since it still seemed like a good deal, but I was thinking about getting more tomorrow especially if I can get the ecoupons. Thanks for the deal!

  3. Great deals! I just had a starbucks and am going to head out too. Thanks

  4. I was able to load the ecoupons, but when I went to Safeway and tried to check-out the coupons did not come up... I know they were the right items... also at my Safeway (Seattle area) they are not discounted to 9.99 when you buy 2... they are 13.99. I tried to ring it up, but it didn't work... I wasn't going to pay over $30, when I was expecting to pay around $15! :) Thanks for the great deal idea, though.

  5. Nice! I keep trying to get my parents to do some "deals" there in Wenatchee while we're in NC, but they still think its all too complicated. I'll keep sending links to your site though-maybe they'll catch on:)

  6. Jessica, I don't so much with PG Esaver so I'm not sure what the problem is. I wish I could help you more.

    Joella, the ecoupons take about an hour to load- so you may have done the deal too quickly. Also, my store did not have the $9.99 wyb 2 deal tagged and I was a little bit nervous to try it myself but it did come down once my club card was swiped.

    Rachael, this is definitely an easy "stater" type deal since it doesn't require anything besides ecoupons. I hope your parents are able to find some deals they're comfortable with!

  7. JESSICA! I saw someone else posting about what you're talking about just now on another blog. Head over here and read in the comments, you may find some info to help you!

  8. I finally got the ecoupons! Man that was a pain. So everytime I tried adding my safeway card it would say failed to update user. So finally I just made a new account with a different email address and everything worked perfectly! :) I guess my old p&g login is busted for ecoupons. Thanks for your help!

  9. so how long after i finally get the coupons on my card will it take before i can redeem them?? anyone know.

  10. Thanks so much for letting us know about the new PG coupons that were available! I ran to our Safeway today and took advantage of this great deal...WOW! I was also able to use some manufacturers coupons on top of the e-coupons plus the $10 catalina...what a savings!! Appreciate your hard work!

  11. Thanks! I went again today, and everything worked fine. I'm not sure what happened last night, but my total showed over $30 and when I entered my card it took $4 off to get it that low. Today I entered my card and it went right down to $15.88. I had to wait about 15 seconds, but my $10 catalina printed too! I had to go back to the store to pick up a prescription so I did it again... I had to pay $20 since I didn't have the ecoupons this time, but with the $10 catalina, it's still a great deal! (And I LOVE Bounty pick-a-size paper towels!) Is there a limit on the $10 off?

  12. Courtney, it usually takes about an hour but the P&G Esaver site got overloaded today so it may have taken longer. The deal is no good tomorrow, so I hope you were able to get in on it in time!

    Joella, I'm so glad it worked for you this time around! There is no limit as to how many times you can do the spend $25, get $10 back deal that I'm aware of except that it only works once per transaction (so, you can't spend $50 and get $20). I'm pretty sure that deal ends tonight though.