Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome thrifty day for me!

Do you ever just have one of those awesome thrifty/deal/freebie days? I'm certainly having one today, and I love it! Want to know what awesome thrifty things are going my way?
  1. Got a FREE Natural Instincts hair dye q in the mail
  2. I won another FREE jar of Pace
  3. I won a FREE king size Reese's (for the husband)
  4. I won a free t-shirt from Slim Jim by playing this silly game (also going to the husband)
  5. I also won a $10 calling card (will be giving this to someone who needs it)
  6. and I scored a 5-lb bag of organic lollipops from Amazon for only $2.88 (Swagbucks paid for $10 of my total- this will be a fun potty training treat for the toddler- hopefully!)
  7. I got my menu plan done for the rest of this week and all of next week. I've been slacking with the menu plan for weeks and it's nice to feel organized again!

I was also just plain excited to get grocery ads for tomorrow in the paper. The ConAgra promo at Albies looks nice, so I'm considering that one. I'm also way excited about $1.49/lb grapes and $0.99 Fresh Express at Safeway. Plus the Safeway q that makes Delimex taquitos only $6.99 (or $1.99 when you use the $3 ecoupon from shortcuts and one of the $2 blinkies that was out last month!)... and the $0.69 Pepsi/7up on the weekend (will pair nicely with the $0.55 printable 7up coupon out).

...Now if I would just get the stuff I ordered off ebay on the 9th (doesn't that feel like forever ago??) I'd be thrilled!


  1. You really inspire me to keep clipping and studying. Now I hate it when I am with someone who says "lets stop by the store while we are out" and I don't have any coupons with me,

  2. I won too! The Reese's for your hubby too! lol.. A truckers hat..? don't even know what that is! AND... the 10 calling card for Bob <3 Thanks!

  3. Trucker's hat= baseball hat with see through sides, like truckers used to wear. they were super popular a while back (I think ems had some)