Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Safeway trip today

Total Spent: $8.10, Total Saved: $29.80 (79%)
I told you all a couple days ago that I was excited about grapes for $1.49/lb, but I actually nabbed some yesterday at QFC for $1.48/lb so I didn't get any more today. Here is what I did buy:
  • 2 milk $3.98 ($1.99 each wyb 2)
  • Yuban Coffee $7.99 (minus $4 in ecoupons and $2 coupon) $1.99
  • Delimex Taquitos $6.99 w/in-ad coupon (minus $3 ecoupon and $2 blinkie) $1.99
  • Bread $0.89
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mini's $0.49 each (after buy 5 promo*. Minus one $1 coupon and 4 $0.55 blinkies) -$0.15 each

*The "Buy 5, save $5" cheese promo is not supposed to be working on the cream cheese mini's (the ad actually states that they're not included) so try this at your own risk. There are several reports that it is working, but if it does not work for you- then you're out of luck seeing as they're not tagged and not supposed to be included. I have not seen any reports of it not working, but you never know and I'm sure once the store catches on this will get fixed. Some people are actually getting back a $0.75 catalina- although this seems to be fairly regional and is not working in my area.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous over the cream cheese. My store did not have them marked. I almost took a chance and picked them up but chickened out. I'm going back out tomorrow.

  2. Michele, they weren't marked at my store either, but I saw a few reports of it working in WA so I figured it was worth a shot!